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Apply For a Home

Call (413) 442-3181 to make your Habitat Homeownership appointment! Watch our video below to learn how to apply.

Do I qualify for a Habitat home? Here are the major criteria:

Need for Housing

  • Simply having the desire and commitment to be a homeowner
  • Living in overcrowded housing
  • Living in substandard housing
  • Being unable to secure adequate housing through the private market

Ability to Pay

Individuals and families must fall within a certain income range and have a steady source of income. If applicants have declared bankruptcy, they must wait two years after being discharged.

Willingness to Partner

Applicants must be willing to perform at least 400 sweat equity (volunteer) hours. Must have lived or worked in Berkshire County for the last year.

How do I apply?

STEP1: Call or stop by our office (314 Columbus Ave, Pittsfield) to meet with our staff and complete an application. We can explain how your application will be processed by our Homebuyer Selection Committee and Board of Directors before you are officially a Homebuyer Partner.

STEP2: Bring all identification for your household, income, bank statements, monthly utilities and social security documentation.

STEP3: Enroll in our Financial Tools and Getting Ahead courses. After you graduate from these programs, you will be paired with a financial coach who will guide you onto a successful path to homeownership.

Contact Habitat About Homeownership or Call (413) 442-3181

If applicants do not meet Habitat for Humanity criteria and are not accepted into the program, they will receive a letter with a description of the reason and a referral to free credit counseling if necessary.

There is no limit to how many times an individual can apply for a Habitat home, so we encourage our applicants to reapply!

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