Wall of Hope

Norma laughs easily and has a smile for everyone even on her toughest days. When she stopped by the office to hear about the newest campaign to support the Clarendon Street build her smile was apparent from the door. As we explained the Wall of Hope and described the wonderful messages of joy and support Norma's smile began to quiver. She couldn't help but picture the inspiring words that would be scrawled throughout the home. Through tears she explained that her "home will be filled from the inside out with love." Norma's words rang true; the positivity and generosity of strangers will build her home stud by stud with love. 

You can make that beautiful vision of hope and love a reality when you inscribe your message on wood during the month of Women Build. Take part in the Wall of Hope through volunteering to build or purchasing a stud to sign at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 399 Hubbard Ave. Studs will be available beginning April 23 through May 16.  If you would like to honor a loved one with a Wall of Hope stud.

Groups and organizations that would like to purchase a Wall of Hope stud as a collective can personalize their messages at the build site or request the stud be delivered to your office, location, or place of worship.

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