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A Journey to my Forever Home

In 2011, Sheerece Adams began her journey with Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity.Through ups and down, Sheerece debated whether she could jump over all of the obstacles that she was faced with. Sheerece came to a realization in 2013 that it was time to get serious, not for her but for her family. Her two daughters Tanajah and Tavarshea, were ecstatic about the possibility of a new home. For Sheerece, family had always come first and as her father grew older she wanted the independence to help her parents. Providing care for her parents so that they could remain in their own home was a constant motivator to reach her goals. Sheerece knew that the freedom of homeownership would allow her to care for her nieces and nephews as well. A home would mean so much to her entire family.

I started from the bottom, now I’m here. I have a lot of pride, I never thought I was going to get out of the ghetto. I always believed that there was no possible way for me to escape the cycle.

To succeed at Habitat homeownership, Sheerece says she owes everything to her coach, Steve Wentworth. She’s at a loss for words when describing how Steve has helped her over the past five years. Steve’s constant reassurance and practical advice helped her overcome rough patches and bouts of discouragement. He was always ready to answer questions and set the next goal.

When she was approved as a Habitat Homebuyer and heard of Hall Place for the first time, she immediately began to envision her future home.  Alongside that vision was the worry of how she was going to get what she needed to make it happen. Through her own hard work, the relationships she built, and a few unexpected blessings, Sheerece’s vision became reality. From the help of Myla Bloom, an interior designer and self-proclaimed rehab addict, to the generous donations of Country Curtains and Pine Cone Hill, the house at 5 Hall Place slowly became the reality of Adams’ family home.

Sheerece is relieved that she’s going to have less anxiety when relying on her landlord to fix the issues with her apartment and not knowing when it’ll get fixed. But now that she owns her own home. “It’s my home, I know that if something needs fixing I can get it fixed.” said Sheerece.

Sheerece is determined to maintain her relationship with Central Berkshire Habitat and continue her work to improve the community. She wants to give back by supporting others in the way Steve supported her. She hopes to uplift potential homeowners and Westside neighbors through example and through action. The myriads of untapped resources that Sheerece was able to navigate are the first things she wants to bring to her new neighborhood.

Sheerece isn’t ready to quit yet; her next goal is to become an LPN this year and eventually an RN. Patient care delivered with respect and dignity is a mission close to her heart and she wants to be a leader in her field.  She knows she can handle the added responsibilities at home and at work now because she has already come so far.

“It’s going to change my life drastically and for the better.” said Sheerece. 

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